February 18, 2010 Task Force Meeting Presentations

Published: February 18, 2010 /

Presentations were presented regarding three topics related to the Innovation District Design and Development. To view, click on the presentations below.

Much More Than a Black Box: What is a High Performance Computing Center? Presented by James Kurose, Distinguished Professor Department of Computer Science – University of Massachusetts, Amherst

A primer on an Atypical Approach to Site Selection: Understanding the Higher Education Consortium’s Customer Centric Role in the Holyoke HPCC Site Selection Process. Presented by Kenn Delude, President Westmass Area Development Corporation

Reinventing Local and REgional Economies: Reflection from North Carolina’s Research Triangle Region and the City-Region of Tampere, Finland. Presented by Robert Kispert, Director of Cluster Development and Carlos Martinez-Vela, Director of Innovation Policy John Adams Innovation Institute/MTC